Things get Weird With Robot Bears in the Hybrid Augmented Reality of Our World is Ended

PQube Limited announced last year that it would be bringing Red Entertainment’s strange-looking technological horror visual novel Our World is Ended to North America and Europe this year, following a new PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC release in Japan. Red Entertainment released a new trailer, which fully introduces this new version of the game, originally released exclusively on the PlayStation Vita in Japan in 2017. The trailer gives a substantive look at the game’s characters and the scenario, as well as heavily features the new theme song, “Change the World” by Kurokumo and 164.

Our World is Ended is known as Judgment 7: Our World is Ended in Japan. The new versions of the game will be landing there on February 28, 2019. This new edition is advertised as featuring 30% more content in terms of the script, with roughly two million more Japanese characters of writing. This comes in the form of a new post-game chapter adding about five chapters of length to the story, new event CGs for both the new and original story content, and new features such as the “backlog jump” and a visual display of the game’s branching choices.

For those unfamiliar, Our World is Ended is about Judgment 7, a group of weirdo game developers who are working on an augmented reality headset engine called W.O.R.L.D. Things go horribly wrong with the software, and Judgment 7 end up trapped between the real world and the world of the game as the two somehow start blending together.

Publisher PQube Limited announced Our World is Ended will be coming to North America and Europe back in October 2018, giving the title a release window of 2019.

[Source: Gematsu]