Here’s When You Can Play Song of Memories on Your PS4

Following a short delay, romantic visual novel Song of Memories will be coming to PlayStation 4 on February 1, 2019. PQube announced the worldwide release date this morning, along with some very sad news for Nintendo Switch fans. Due to complications in development, the Nintendo Switch version of Song of Memories has been canceled. The game just wasn’t shaping up to meet performance standards on Switch, so the whole thing has been canned—even in Japan!

Below, you’ll find PQube’s official statement. It is a thing of artistry that simultaneously celebrates the PlayStation 4 release date and delivers the killing blow to the Nintendo Switch version in one small paragraph:

Today, PQube announces the release date of the romantic visual novel Song of Memories on PlayStation 4. The love story that turned the Japanese genre upside down with its surprising twist releases worldwide on February 1st. While the PlayStation 4 version and the special Encore Edition are confirmed, we regrettably had to cancel the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Unfortunately, Song of Memories can’t be brought to a functioning level of quality our fans demand on the Switch due to development complications.

And that’s that! Song of Memories may look like your typical, lighthearted, risque visual novel, but it actually has a pretty dark narrative twist. It’s not going to bring home any BAFTA awards, but we bet you’ll be entertained. If you’re wondering, the Encore Edition comes with Song of Memories, some cloth screen cleaners, a phone charm, the 4-disc OST, an art book, and a collector’s box.

[Source: RiceDigital]