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The Western Release of Song of Memories Has Been Delayed

Earlier in 2018, it was announced that visual novel game Song of Memories would be coming to the West. However, if you live in North America or Europe and you were hoping to get your hands on Song of Memories any time soon, you’ll have to wait a bit longer, sadly. Developer PQube Games Tweeted a statement regarding the delay of Song of Memories in the West.

PQube’s statement is as follows:

We are very sorry to announce that Song of Memories will be delayed to 2019. While we had hoped to bring you the game this year, we have seen unexpected development issues that are not related in any way to platform holders. We are doing our best to bring you the game as early as possible and we will communicate a release date in the new year.

The game was set to release in 2018 in the west and has already been out in Japan since April of 2017. If you’re unfamiliar, Song of Memories is a visual novel game that tasks you with finding your soulmate in Japan. It gets more complex, as an apocalyptic virus spreads and threatens everything and everyone you love. The game also boasts over 40 hours of audio, a deep dark secret to uncover, and complex branching storylines.

PQube games has not given us a new release window or any idea of when the west will see the release of Song of Memories, other than that we should expect it in 2019. We’ll let you know if anything changes.

[Source: Twitter]