Anyones diary psvr

Overcome Your Demons When Anyone’s Diary Launches Exclusively on PSVR

If you’re looking to dust that PSVR headset off and want something new to play, you might be in luck. Developer World Domination Project has a new game, Anyone’s Diary, releasing exclusively for PSVR later in January 2019. It’s will be full of puzzles, platforming, and engrossing stylized art that is sure to captivate you.

Developed all the way in Madrid, Spain, Anyone’s Diary is packed with almost dream-like sequences, abstract character designs, and a focus on the story. As the title suggests, the idea is for anyone to relate to be able to relate to what is going on, giving the narrative more meaning and depth. Anyone’s Diary is made possible by the PlayStation Talents Games Camp Valencia, one of the business incubators of the PlayStation Talents support program for local development, along with the help from the local business incubator, Lanzadera.

Most of what you’ll be doing in this game involves completing puzzles and platforming, all while trying to uncover the story of Anyone, a character without an identity, gender, or age. As you make your way through the story, you’ll encounter puzzles that represent internal conflict, and you must overcome these issues by solving said puzzles. You’ll also gain control of the environment itself, and that mechanic will be fully realized with the inclusion of PSVR. Let’s hope we don’t get motion-sick from playing this.

Anyone’s Diary will launch exclusively on the PlayStation store on January 31, 2019 and will run you €12.99 ($14.91). Will you picking it up at the end of the month? Let us know!