3dRudder’s PSVR Foot Motion Controller Might Help Settle Your Stomach

I’m still new to VR gaming, just having picked up a PlayStation VR last summer. While I’ve done well with some games, I’m not quite over the hump yet with VR sickness. That’s especially true when a game doesn’t quite nail ways to avoid it. But a new device from 3dRudder hopes to make that challenge easier. This new motion controller uses your feet to help you move around, theoretically circumventing some of the VR gaming pain points.

3dRudder has been showing its device off at CES, and a report from Digital Trends describe’s writer Felicia Miranda’s experience with it. It’s basically a large disc you lay your feet on, and applying weight controls the motion. This, as you can see in the picture, frees your hands from dealing with movement, depending on the various game mechanics you’re dealing with.

This method obviously doesn’t combat immersion issues some VR gamers have, since you’re still sitting down while your brain is being tricked into thinking it’s moving. That said, Miranda does suggest that circumventing clumsier movement options with the foot controls does alleviate her experiences with VR sickness, which is no doubt a welcome proposition for many players.

If you’re interested in trying the 3dRudder out for yourself, the PlayStation VR version is currently available for preorder (with a version for other platforms ostensibly coming later) at a $119 price point. Currently, the official storefront lists the controller with an April 2019 delivery estimate. The device itself is pretty slick looking for a big, goofy VR accessory, with blue padding and the familiar PS logo right in the middle.

[Source: Digital Trends]