Astro Bot Rescue Mission Launch Trailer Focuses on Teamwork in Whimsical Worlds

Astro Bot Rescue Mission has officially landed on the PlayStation VR. Spanning twenty-six levels, six boss fights, and a variety of challenge stages this 3D platformer sends you and Astro Bot on an adventure together. Now, in case you weren’t sure how it worked, a launch trailer has arrived to make sure people understand.

This launch trailer shows off how your controller will function as a gadget that can shoot throwing stars, spray water, and even cast a tight rope to help Astro Bot on his mission. Take a look at all the worlds you’ll traverse together, now that Astro Bot Rescue Mission is out on PSVR.

Here are all of the Astro Bot Rescue Mission features you will see, should you pick up the game.

Key Features

  • PLATFORMING RE-INVENTED – The game takes full advantage of PSVR to reinvent the platforming genre with gameplay unfolding around you in 360 degrees. In VR, every jump can be judged with accuracy. While seated, moving your body also has an impact and lets you lean around corners to discover new areas and to create paths for your little friend to climb.
  • TWENTY LEVELS & SIX HUGE BOSSES – Play through 20 unique levels, each one populated by deadly traps and enemies. Run over city rooftops, explore dark caves, lush forests and even take a mine cart ride inside a burning volcano. To top it all off, six immense bosses will try to block your way. Use all your skills to make them history
  • FIVE GADGETS IN ONE CONTROLLER – Your DUALSHOCK 4 controller becomes the host of a bunch of fun gadgets ranging from a hook shot used to cross ravines, a water cannon, slingshots and even deadly ninja stars! Combining these gadgets with your platform skills will be needed to clear all levels.
  • TWENTY-SIX EXTRA CHALLENGES – In addition to the main story, you can unlock a further 26 challenge stages that will put your platforming skills to the test.
  • BUILD YOUR COLLECTION ROOM – Coins you collect in the game can be redeemed in a crane game to create an interactive diorama of your past adventures.

Is this game going to get you to use your PlayStation VR soon?

[Source: YouTube and Official PlayStation Site]