Astro Bot Trademark Filed by Sony

Astro Bot Trademark Filed by Sony

Astro Bot welcomed in the PS5 with Astro’s Playroom. And, judging by a new trademark, Sony isn’t done with the little mascot.

Sony has filed a trademark for the series

As spotted by Gematsu, Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed two trademarks for Astro Bot in Europe. There’s not much in these trademarks, but they were filed on August 25 and list Sony Interactive Entertainment as the owner.

The listings also don’t point to any specific title, either. It’s not uncommon for these types of listings to foreshadow a title, but this one only has the franchise name with no subtitle.

It’s unclear exactly what this could be since Sony has not announced anything related to the series. Team Asobi, the studio behind the other Astro Bot games, said it was working on its biggest and most ambitious game yet and had plans to nearly double its staff size. Given the history, this mystery project is likely an Astro Bot game. Of course, PSVR2 owners are likely also hoping for a port of Astro Bot Rescue Mission down the line because the lack of backward compatibility in the headset means many won’t be able to experience one of PSVR’s most acclaimed exclusives.