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Astro Bot Creator Team Asobi Launches New Website, Studio Working on its ‘Most Ambitious’ Game Yet

Team Asobi, creator of the Astro Bot series of games—most recently the fantastic PS5 pack-in, Astro’s Playroom—have launched a new website where they detail the studio’s past games, job postings, and plans for the future. A relatively new member to the PlayStation Studios family, the studio has revealed that they are “hard at work on [its] most ambitious game yet”, though details are still scarce.

The studio revealed the new website via its official Twitter account. Ever since the studio officially joined PlayStation Studios back in June, it has been working on revamping all of its resources and production processes going so far as to post a dozen new job listings. The newly launched website also lists these positions, indicating that the studio is going forwards with plans to expand as it takes on a new project. While Team Asobi has not revealed any information on what the game will look like, from the job postings we can discern that it will likely be some sort of 3D platformer, similar to Astro’s Playroom.

In addition to the job postings, the new website also showcases the studio’s past titles as well as an introductory page filled with photos of the team. As with past posts, Team Asobi describes itself as a “collective of passionate game creators from various nationalities, ages, genders, and backgrounds,” particularly highlighting the team’s multicultural roots. Additionally, the website also shows cute little graphics of Astro promoting the studios’ various job postings, such as the company’s pension scheme, telework flexibility, and relocation support.

The website launch comes after the former Japan Studio was restructured to center around the Tokyo-based Team Asobi, alongside a host of several PlayStation Studios acquisitions this year. Astro Bot Rescue Mission Director Nicolas Doucet (who is also pictured on the newly launched website), is currently head of Team Asobi.

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