Project Awakening: Arise Trademarked by Cygames in Europe

Project Awakening looked promising when this action-RPG was revealed as part of Sony’s PlayStation Line-up Tour event back in 2018, but we haven’t heard much about it since then. Now its developer, Cygames, has trademarked Project Awakening: Arise in Europe.

This is not confirmed to be the game’s final name and it’s unlikely that the word Project would make it to the final draft, but it could mean we’re one step closer to knowing the official title. Alternatively, this could be the name of a feature within the game (such as an online mode, as game details have yet to be shared), a demo for the title, or an early access version.

Really, Project Awakening: Arise could be anything. But hopefully this trademark means more Project Awakening news is on its way. So far all, we know from the initial video is that you can expect this RPG to have fantasy elements.

In the trailer, the supposed protagonist faced a grueling battle against a dragon, but the magical tree and horde of giants we see at the end suggested there will be a lot more to this story than swordsmanship. We’ll keep you posted as more information about Project Awakening and/or Project Awakening: Arise is revealed.

Project Awakening does not have a release window or date at the time of writing.

[Source: Gematsu]