Metal Gear in Concert is Coming to North America

Metal Gear in Concert, a Kyodo Tokyo and Wild Faery-produced symphony orchestra show celebrating the beloved history of Metal Gear, is finally set to make its North American debut. Previously announced but delayed, the show will finally be making its way west in 2019, starting with a March 23 New York show, followed by a performance in Los Angeles on April 6. This show will feature Donna Burke, the Australian singer perhaps best known for her involvement with the Metal Gear and Silent Hill series for Konami.

For Metal Gear in Concert, over 70 musicians will comprise the symphony orchestra for both performances. These musicians, along with Donna Burke as is relevant, will be performing, in sync, with HD footage from the Metal Gear series displayed on a “giant” screen, the size of which you can see in the above image. Highlights planned for the show include “Main Theme,” “Encounter,” “Father and Son,” “The Best is Yet to Come,” “Snake Eater,” and “Heavens Divide.”

The Wild Faery Company, which is based in Paris, has produced similar orchestrated events before. Most notably, the company has partnered with Square Enix to run concerts based on both Final Fantasy XIV and the Kingdom Hearts series. While Metal Gear in Concert will be making its North American debut this year, it actually made its way outside of Japan for the first time late last year, with a performance in Paris this past December.

While the future of Metal Gear is thoroughly uncertain, this concert (albeit extremely limited for now), looks to be an appropriately extravagant way to celebrate its past.