Boy, These Limited-Edition God of War Mini Figures Sure Are Adorable

Gaming Heads has revealed two sets of adorable God of War mini figures that any collector would love on their shelf. The set you see above are the standard “God of War: Kratos and Atreus Mini Figures.” Kratos stands at a towering 3.5 inches tall, while Atreus stands 2.75 inches proud. The pair will set you back a pretty modest $25, and you can find them right here.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling fancy, Gaming Heads has also revealed a limited-edition faux-bronze variation. These are the same Kratos and Atreus mini figures seen in the above listing, but this time a bronze paint has been applied to give them a classier, mythical appearance. When they say “limted,” they mean it. Gaming Heads has only produced 1,000 of these bronzed mini figures, and orders are limited to two (sets) per account. The “God of War: Kratos and Atreus Exclusive Mini Figures” are $29.99, and you can find them right here.

god of war bronze figures

Both variations reveal impressive details in their own ways. The mini figures are made of a high-quality PVC, and in the exclusive bronze figures, the uniform coating lets one appreciate the fine details of the molds themselves. Atreus boasts very fine creases in his tunic, and the fur across Kratos’ breast strap is nicely detailed. The painted models, on other hand, are much more expressive, and trademark tattoos pop vibrantly.

Will you be picking either of these mini figure sets up for yourself? What do you think of the designs, and how do you think they compare to the products we typically see from companies like Funko (check out the new Funko Kingdom Hearts 3 figures)? Chime in and let us know in the comments below, and let’s nerd out.