Fallout 76’s New Survival Mode Will Have Constant PvP and a March 2019 Beta

Bethesda will introduce a new game mode for Fallout 76. This mode, which will have fewer PvP restrictions and more incentives, will be called Survival. It will first appear as a beta that’s currently planned for March 2019. In a recent news post on the company’s official website, Bethesda detailed what to expect.

Players will be able to select the mode from the main screen. Adventure mode will be the game they’ve come to know, and the Survival beta will serve as their introduction to a brand new way to play Fallout 76.

While survival mode will include the basics from Adventure mode, Bethesda noted that “you’ll have to navigate them under the ever-looming threat of hostile dwellers who may be hiding just around the corner.” It’s recommended that you start with a new character, but you’re welcome to use an existing one. However, if you do, all your progress will transfer with you and vice versa.

There are no PvP invitations here. Selecting Survival Mode is the invitation. All players, except teammates or event groupmates, will be flagged as hostile. Level-scaling will work the same way it does in Adventure mode, in the hopes of keeping things fair so even low-level players can pose a threat. Additionally, a leaderboard will add a competitive aspect to the mode. How scoring will be determined has yet to be revealed.

More details will be shared closer to the modes launch, including an official date for the beta.

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[Source: Bethesda]