Learn More About the Destiny 2 Crimson Days Valentine’s Day Event, Thanks to a Leak

Activision and Bungie may be breaking up, but Valentine’s Day is still just around the corner. Destiny 2‘s upcoming Valentine’s Day themed event, Crimson Days, was already officially confirmed by Bungie to run from February 12-19, 2019. However, more details have yet to be shared. Now, players have datamined an image that supposedly shows off the details of this event. This is allegedly set to occur as an in-game pop-up when players initially log into the game, once the event begins.

Valentine’s Day may be reserved for romantic love, but Crimson Days involves pairing up with a friend and taking on bounties and Crucible matches. Prove you’re a dynamic duo and earn a 650 Power Legendary Bow called The Vow. Below, you can find the supposed details for this Destiny 2 event.

Love is in the Air

Crimson Days — a celebration of friendship, togetherness, and love — returns to the Tower. Suit up, find your Crimson Bond, then speak to Lord Shaxx to start the celebration. Shaxx is offering a 650 Power Legendary Bow to anyone able to prove their perfect union in the Crucible.

Stay Sweet

You and your bond can collect Confectionery Hearts by completing Crimson Bounties and Crimson Days matches. Use these sweet treats to earn new rewards and celebrate Crimson Days in style.

Get Together

Sync up with your friends to complete challenging new Triumphs and earn your Ghost a unique Sugary Shell. Feel the love with double the engrams: earn one Crimson Engram and one Season of the Forge Etched Engram with every level-up past max level during Crimson Days. Collect themed shaders and gear, and spread the Crimson spirit with the new Tiny Bow emote.

[Source: Reddit via Polygon]