Killing Floor 2 Will Keep Spilling Blood in 2019 as Support Continues

In a recent Reddit AMA for Humble Indie PlayStation Bundle 2019, Tripwire answered fans’ Killing Floor questions. The company also confirmed that Killing Floor 2 will keep getting support through 2019 at least.

A community manager at Tripwire Interactive, Jared Creasy, stated that the studio supports each of its title for as long as it can. Creasy explained, “We plan out about a year of support every year for all of our currently supported titles based on how the past year went. For now, expect an exciting year of content ahead!” Jokingly, he added, “Did I say year enough?”

The additional weapons, maps, and seasonal updates have been a treat for fans so far. Killing Floor 2 originally released in November 2016, so this will mark the game’s third year of support. At this time, the studio hasn’t directly discussed Killing Floor 3. However, when responding to a fan’s request for an advanced gore system, Creasy stated, “When we start working on the tech for the next game in the franchise, you can be sure we’ll be looking at what it will take to enhance the gore system!”

Indirectly, this means Killing Floor 3 is likely a matter of when, rather than if. At the same time, it means the team likely isn’t working on it just yet. With rumors circulating around developer kits already being distributed for the PlayStation 5, it’s possible we could see it sometime next gen. But all speculation aside, we know that Killing Floor 2 will be getting updated throughout this year.

[Source: Reddit]