Spelunky Physical Release

Limited Run Games Is Releasing Spelunky Physically for PS4 and PS Vita

Limited Run Games recently received more Vita cartridges, allowing the company to release more games for the platform. Among the last few releases will be Spelunky, a procedurally generated platformer filled with plenty of secrets and a whole lot of charm. This Friday, February 8, 2019 at 10 am EST you’ll be able to purchase a physical version of Spelunky on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, as announced on the official Limited Run Games Twitter account.

A few days ago the account cryptically tweeted out a box resembling a golden head partially covered by rocks. People were quick to predict this was a Spelunky reference, specifically to the Golden Idol.

Now that the standard edition of Spelunky has been announced a fan followed up on the mysterious Tweet. At the time of writing, Limited Run Games hasn’t revealed this secret yet. Perhaps a special collector’s edition will drop. Or perhaps this is a reference to another game entirely. Take the company’s shrug gif reaction for what you will.

Here at PlayStation LifeStyle, we’ve always thought Spelunky played best on the Vita and now fans will be able to have that experience forever without worrying about the game being pulled from the PlayStation Network. And with Spelunky 2 set to release sometime in 2019, this seems like the perfect time to dive back in.

[Source: Limited Run Games]