Limited Run Games Has Received More Vita Carts so It Can Release Games Again

Limited Run Games placed its PlayStation Vita releases on hold late in 2018, due to low cartridge allocation, but now that hold has come to an end. The cofounder/owner of Limited Run, Josh Fairhurst, took to Twitter to share the good news. In this thread, Fairhurst added that this new batch of cartridges will allow Limited Run to bring its total count of Vita releases up to 100. This means three more Vita games will be released.

Additionally, Fairhurst stated the company will get to “raise the print quantity for a few titles,” including Super Meat Boy. This fast-paced, brutally hard platformer is one of the most popular and beloved indie games to date. Originally, it was only going to have 2,000 copies for sale, which Fairhurst said would’ve been a “blood bath.” While there should be plenty more copies of Super Meat Boy made available Limited Run has yet to announce any numbers.

While replying to fans within this thread, Fairhurst also confirmed that Limited Run games will be at E3 2019.

[Source: Twitter via Siliconera]