On Its Second Anniversary, Nioh Celebrates 2.5 Million Units Sold Worldwide

On February 7, 2019, Nioh will celebrate its second year anniversary on the PlayStation 4. There are other reasons to celebrate, though, as publisher Koei Tecmo has announced the title’s reached a new sales milestone. At the time of writing, Nioh has sold 2.5 million copies across PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

The news came by way of Koei Tecmo Europe’s official Twitter account. To announce this new milestone, the company posted a celebratory tweet, and even the Kodama are loving the attention. Check it out below:

The last time sales numbers were revealed for Nioh, the title had just reached two million copies sold. These numbers are from May 2018, meaning sales remain steady. Nioh’s Complete Edition, which launched in December 2017 on PS4, and the reveal of Nioh 2 during E3 2018, are likely contributing to ongoing interest in the game. Of course, all of this has been great for Koei Tecmo’s business, as well. In January 2019, the publisher noted that sales of the Complete Edition were integral to its business’ success in the third quarter of 2018’s fiscal year.

For now, the wait persists for the aforementioned Nioh 2. Presently, the highly-anticipated sequel lacks a release date. At least, according to the tweet above, fans can be sure Team Ninja is still hard at work on the game’s development.

[Source: Koei Tecmo Europe on Twitter]