Manage Your Own Island This September in Tropical Adventure Game, Summer in Mara

Chibig Studio’s intriguing adventure game, Summer in Mara, has been fully funded on Kickstarter and will release in September 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Billed as “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker meets Stardew Valley,” the game has players managing their own island at their own pace with an “easy” RPG system and exploration elements. The protagonist, Koa, will be farming, crafting, traveling across a vast ocean in her boat, meeting people, and trading.

“This is the circle of life: take care of your home island, travel through the ocean to get new items and help others, and then come back to your home,” Chibig Studio explained. “Summer in Mara is a calm and relaxing experience with a handmade look and a compelling narrative.”

Features include:

  • More than 150 quests to make the world a better place.
  • Over 20 characters to meet and trade with. Befriend them!
  • More than 130 inventory items to craft, use, and trade.
  • Improve your boat, make it bigger and faster.
  • Unlock and acquire new skills and abilities for Koa, helping her to craft, trade and explore in an easy-RPG system.
  • Day and night cycle with climate events.

Chibig Studio has promised that Summer in Mara will be full of things for players to do. The game will be translated in up to nine languages including Japanese and Russian.

We’ll update our readers when a release date is announced. In the meantime, check out some screenshots in the gallery below and let us know what you think.