The PS3’s System Software Update Version 4.84 Keeps It Alive and Kicking

Who would have thought we’d still be talking about PS3 in 2019? Well, Sony has not forgotten about the last-gen system and has recently released an update in the form of version 4.84. You can download it immediately. You can check to see if you’re running on the latest version by going to the Settings, then System Settings, and System Information. Which, let’s face it, you probably haven’t updated this system in a while if you’re one of the over 94 million PS4 owners.

Much like the recent PS Vita update, this one isn’t going to blow your socks off or anything. “This system software update improves system performance,” according to the official PlayStation website. Seeing as how many gamers have moved on to the current generation and the PS4 has already outsold the PS3 by around 10 million units, it’s not surprising that this latest update doesn’t include anything substantial.

Sony will probably still support PS3 for a few years to come, but it’s safe to say the system is basically dead. We’re already gearing up for the next generation. If a recent patent is any indication, we may not even need to dust off our PS3s, since PS5 might be backwards compatible for all home console PlayStation games. That might be a little far fetched, so we’ll have to wait to see.

Either way, if you’re still rocking your PS3, go ahead and download the latest firmware update to enjoy some improvements to system performance.

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