PS Vita Firmware Update 3.70 Releases, Proving The System Is Still Alive

Remember the PlayStation Vita? The Sony handheld that did a lot of incredible things that never got the love it deserved? Well, it’s still hanging on, despite Sony pulling the plug from all physical releases and lack of proper support, in general. Seemingly out of nowhere, a firmware update released for the handheld. It gives us improvements to system performance.

After checking on the official website for the system, there doesn’t seem to be anything noteworthy pertaining to this update, sadly. After the homebrew community worked their magic, they were able to find a bit more on this update. A Twitter user by the name of Silica posted their findings and it’s mostly underwhelming.

It is worth mentioning that “NEAR” is actually referring to party chat and not the app that finds nearby Vita users. That app was discontinued a while ago.

Many PS Vita supporters probably saw this as a happy surprise, but after looking at what the update entails, it’s nothing worth writing home about. Still, it’s nice to see Sony supporting the little system that could, even if it’s in the most insignificant way possible.

Last year, Sony announced that all physical cartridges would be discontinued by March of 2019, but it seems that might be happening sooner. After publisher, Limited Run Games was struggling to meet demands of Vita projects due to a cartridge shortage, many of their projects were put on hold, maybe indefinitely.

Additionally, it was announced that Catherine: Full Body Edition, a remaster of the beloved original, would not be coming to the Vita in the West, as originally planned. To an extent, it’s understandable, especially when the sales figures for the system were so low in the West and it might not be a lucrative business move. However, as a Vita lover, it’s sad to see the system go out like this.

Will you be turning on your Vita for the latest firmware update? Let us know!

[Source: Twisted Voxel]