The Console Release of Overkill’s The Walking Dead has Reportedly Been Canceled

It appears that the long-delayed console port of Overkill’s The Walking Dead has officially (and quietly) been canceled. Word of the cancellation started spreading after emails supposedly from Sony began making the rounds to those who preordered. This comes after the trouble game was delayed indefinitely back in January 2019.

As of right now, this news is specifically concerning the PlayStation 4 release, but it stands to reason that the Xbox One release would be canceled, as well. However, neither Sony nor Starbreeze have yet to make an official announcement on this. Hopefully, we’ll get more clear information on this whole situation soon.

This news shouldn’t necessarily be surprising, as publisher Starbreeze has been in trouble from the moment Overkill’s The Walking Dead released on PC. It was essentially dead on arrival, with low initial sales causing Starbreeze to reassess its costs. However, things only got worse from there. Not only did Starbreeze file for reconstruction, CEO Bo Andersson also stepped down. Starbreeze’s offices were later raided over insider trading suspicions.

It definitely seems that Overkill’s The Walking Dead has been troubled from the start. Following the disastrous launch, reports came out about the rocky development history of this game. In addition, it appears that Starbreeze has been on shaky ground for years now, with numerous instances of ill-advised spending.

It’s currently unknown what will ultimately happen with Starbreeze. The publisher recently sold the rights to the upcoming System Shock 3 back to OtherSide Entertainment. The (potential) cancellation of this console port doesn’t bode well for the company, either, though it does have the much more successful Payday franchise on its hands.

[Source: TrueAchievements]