FromSoftware Could Possibly ‘Take a Crack at’ Live-Service Games in the Future

Live-service games continue to become more prominent. There exist numerous straightforward examples, such as The Division and BioWare’s recently released Anthem. However, the live-service model is persistently evolving, as franchises like Assassin’s Creed have successfully entered the fray. But what would such a project become in the hands of FromSoftware? Would the studio known for Dark Souls even consider such a move? According to studio President Hidetaka Miyazaki, anything is possible.

Miyazaki shared the sentiment during an interview with The Telegraph. When asked if FromSoftware may one day explore this kind of venture, Miyazaki answered,

There’s always the possibility. These games are definitely fun. And we’re interested in the patterns they are taking. If we did it, it might be a bit different! But we’re definitely interested and there’s definitely that possibility in the future. We’d love to take a crack at them some day.

This idea may seem out of the company’s wheelhouse, given its pedigree; however, FromSoftware has dipped its toes in the online space before. For instance, in Dark Souls and Bloodborne players can enable multiplayer features that accentuate their single-player experience. In fact, it appears battle royale nearly became a reality for Dark Souls III.

Regardless of whether FromSoftware would explore an online-centric adventure, Miyazaki stressed the significance of single-player experiences. As far as he can tell, despite multiplayer’s continued growth, single-player games are doing just fine. Miyazaki told The Telegraph,

Single-player action games don’t feel too rare in the current climate. While Devil May Cry 5 has some online elements, it’s coming out two weeks before our game. And that’s a very single-player focussed experience. We’ve also had God of War and Spider-Man.

We do need this diversity in the industry. Regardless of what FromSoftware is doing, we need people making battle royale games and live-services and we need people making single-player focused experiences. We feel that this diversity is what will keep everyone going.

FromSoftware’s contribution to the industry’s diversity can’t be understated, either. This especially holds true given the imminent release of the studio’s next title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which will launch for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on March 22nd.

[Source: The Telegraph via Game Rant]