Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa Not Getting Censored in the West

Censorship has become all but expected for any given visual novel game heading West (and even other games). Sony has had a somewhat unpredictable track record when it comes to cutting content in games. It seems that one visual novel/puzzle hybrid game is going to be released unedited: Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa.

PQube Games unleashed a trailer for the upcoming game on Twitter and replied to a fan’s question about any potential snags which might stop the game from releasing in the West. PQube replied simply, “The game has been approved by Sony.” This implies that the full game will see a release outside of Japan, other countries’ censorship policies notwithstanding.

Considering that Kotodama features women (and men) whom the player can strip clothing off of just by solving puzzles, there isn’t a whole lot to this fanservice-laden game that appears to differentiate it from other games with similar visuals. So there’s not a solid reason as to why Sony has chosen to censor those games, but not this one. Perhaps the perceived age of the targeted women/men is a factor, but it’s anyone’s guess.

Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa is a visual novel with a match-three style puzzle game that takes place when the game’s story calls for a battle. It also involves paying attention to conversations, as picking out key phrases or words can make the player’s “attacks” more potent—presumably to undress the “enemy” more easily, quickly, or both. While such gameplay might sound perfect for the Vita, with that system officially on the way out, Kotodama is slated to release on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch platforms on May 31, 2019 in Europe, and June 4th in North America.

Does Sony’s inconsistent censorship policy help you decide if you will buy a game? For those planning on picking up Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa, will you be buying the localized copy? Or would you rather not risk any censorship and import the Japanese original? Let us know your plans and feedback in the comments below.

[Source: Twitter Via Twinfinite]