Dust Off No Man’s Sky Ahead of Its Next ‘Small’ Update

According to developer Sean Murray, a “small” update is on the horizon for No Man’s Sky. Murray teased as much in a recent post to his personal Twitter account. However, as precedent suggests, the incoming update may not be so small at all. In fact, the next round of No Man’s Sky content could be similar in size to 2018’s NEXT update.

The teasing began when Murray retweeted one of his old posts from March 2018. This retweet, as seen below, only consists of the word “small” in all caps. It was a reply to another tweet from March 2018, in which Murray hinted at a “small announcement.” As many may recall, that announcement was eventually revealed as the massive NEXT roll out.

Following the above retweet, Murray added a new post to his Twitter page, a clock emoji. Overall, this does not offer much information, but it seems to insinuate that news about the “small” update is coming soon. Of course, how soon remains a mystery.

If this new update proves to be even half as momentous as the NEXT content, No Man’s Sky players are in for something special. At its core, the NEXT update helped developer Hello Games deliver on a number of promises made prior to the game’s release. For instance, a full multiplayer suite debuted, graphics were overhauled, base building was greatly expanded upon, and the list goes on. Smaller changes to the experience were also instrumental to the breadth of NEXT, such as a UI overhaul, the introduction of third-person perspective, and the addition of the Space Station Marketplace.

[Source: Sean Murray on Twitter]