Discover ‘Strange Phenomenas’ in First-Person Shooter Bright Memory: Infinite

FYQD-Studio is a Chinese studio that first launched Bright Memory: Episode 1 in Steam Early Access. Rather than develop a subsequent episode, the team is hard at work on a reboot, Bright Memory: Infinite. The reboot will serve as the definitive version of the game and will launch on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. At the time of writing, FYQD-Studio has yet to offer a release date. However, it’s doubtful to release anytime soon, since Bright Memory: Infinite is said to be in early development.

The development team also unveiled an announcement trailer for the game. Get a taste of what to expect from Bright Memory: Infinite in the video below:

Described as a first-person action game, Bright Memory: Infinite appears as though it will focus on its story. According to the developer’s recent update on Steam, the title’s “gameplay process” will last approximately three hours. Depending on whether or not this estimated time includes potential cutscenes, it’s possible Bright Memory: Infinite may be lengthier.

Bright Memory: Infinite’s story is a futuristic one, set in the year 2036 where “strange phenomenas” paint the sky all over the world. Apparently, even scientists struggle with trying to explain the phenomena. Consequently, Super Nature Research Organization, an organization solely described as “mysterious,” sends a team of operatives to investigate the happenings. What they find is evidence of “two worlds,” in addition to a “dust-laden history.”

Based on the trailer and story details, it’s hard to discern FYQD-Studio’s exact vision for Bright Memory: Infinite. Its announcement trailer has a look reminiscent to that of Cyberpunk 2077’s original trailer. Yet, talk of “strange phenomenas” in the sky make it seem as though technology won’t exclusively rest at the narrative’s center. Might aliens pose a threat in Bright Memory: Infinite? A parallel universe could be offer another possibility, akin to how the theory is represented in BioShock Infinite.

[Source: Gematsu, FYQD-Studio on Steam]