Devil May Cry Board Game Captures the Essence of the Video Game Series

If you can’t get enough of kicking demon ass in Devil May Cry 5 and want to go back to the tabletop, you’re in luck! A new Devil May Cry board game is heading to KickStarter.

Steamforged Games, the tabletop company behind the successful adaptations of Dark Souls, Resident Evil 2, and Horizon Zero Dawn, will be back on KickStarter this summer (Q2) with Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace.

Demon hunters Dante, Nero, Trish, and V will be playable in an “easy to learn, fast-paced, and dynamic experience where style counts for everything,” according to Steamforged Games.

Just like the digital games, you have to try to get the best score out of your group by achieving the greatest style rank and raking up a long string of attacks.

“From the beautiful sculpts through to the subtle yet dramatic depth of gameplay, we’ve captured the very theme and essence of all that is awesome about Devil May Cry,” said long time fan of the series and Creative Director of Steamforged Games, Mat Hart.

The board game, if successful—and come on, it’s going to be—will launch sometime next year. To help make your decision on whether or not to back this board game, there will be a downloadable rulebook alongside playthrough videos with the Lead Designer James Hewitt and the team from Steamforged. The board game company said in a blog post that they’re doing this, so “you can dive straight into the gameplay, and then get even more excited as [they] reveal game mechanics for the demon hunters, enemies, bosses, and more.”

Devil May Cry Board

The future of the Devil May Cry series looks bright as the latest entry, Devil May Cry 5, amassed over 2 million copies sold in less than a month. What other merchandise would you like to see from the series?

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