Fortnite Is Getting a World Cup Just for Creative Mode

Though the Fortnite World Cup recently kicked off, Epic Games is diversifying its competitive events to include more than battle royale. The Fortnite World Cup Creative will host more unique events than the normal Fortnite experience. This new event takes advantage of Fortnite’s newest, mode Creative. The World Cup Creative is part of the previously-announced $100,000,000 prize pool, with this featuring a $3,000,000 pool. The whole thing kicks off on April 29, 2019.

Unlike the regular Fortnite World Cup, this competition is made up of five different “Creative Trials.” These trials are made by different Community Creators, and are made in Fortnite Creative. The first trial will be made and judged by Cizzorz, though other creators haven’t been announced at this time. In addition, the setup for the first trial hasn’t been revealed yet, as well. More trials and creators will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The trials will take place from April 29th-June 7th. Each week, prospective competitors can try out each challenge in Creative, and submit their best clip on YouTube using a special hashtag. Specific judges will choose the winners, who will then head to New York City, where the World Cup Creative Finals will be held. More details on the event, including on the finals, should be announced in the near future.

Epic Games has made a big push to establish Fortnite as a competitive gaming staple, pledging $100,000,000 in prizes. The Fortnite World Cup Creative is the first event to take advantage of Fortnite Creative. The new mode was introduced in late 2018 with the launch of Season 7. It allows players to build their own islands and let their creativity shine. There’s even a dedicated section on the proper Fortnite map, known as “The Block,” exclusively for player creations.

Will you try to win some of that $3,000,000? Let us know!

[Source: Epic Games]