PS4 to PS5: Games We Most Want to Replay on PS5

As we know, Sony’s Mark Cerny recently revealed some choice details on the upcoming PS5 (or whatever it ends up being called) in an exclusive story with Wired. Part of those details was a confirmation that the next console will be fully backwards compatible with the PS4. We’ve already talked about our hopes and dreams for backwards compatibility on the platform overall, but then I was prompted to think about which PS4 titles I’d actually be most likely to revisit on the new hardware. While some of this list assumes there will be performance bumps associated with playing old games on new hardware, they’re also among the best games available on the PS4 depending on your genre tastes. Granted, I’m also me, so take that into consideration as well.

PS4 Games We Want to Play with PS5 Backwards Compatibility

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

ps4 to ps5 aco

Ubisoft’s marquee release of 2018 is also one of the titles that lends itself to jumping over to the PS5 the most. This is a game that has been consistently supported past launch, and continues to get new updates and content on a regular basis. If you haven’t played it yet, or you’re still working your way through everything, this will be the perfect title to migrate over while new games are trickling out.

The Last Guardian

ps4 to ps5 last guardian

The Last Guardian was in a bad position when it came out, not only because it took far too long to get made, but also because it was quickly lost in the shuffle. Perhaps, if there are performance boosts associated with running older software on the PS5, the new platform’s launch window would be a good opportunity to give The Last Guardian another chance. Or in my case, finally get it off the backlog.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

ps4 to ps5 digimon story cyber sleuth

Listen, I love this game, and have been itching for a reason to run through it again anyway. It’s already going to run fine since it’s a nicer port of a PS Vita game already, so wanting it on the PS5 is pure excess. This game is the finest competitor to Pokemon you can get today, and its well-told, character-driven story will appeal to JRPG fans outside of the monster collecting thing as well.

Final Fantasy XV

ps4 to ps5 ff xv

In this house, we love Final Fantasy XV. And by the time the PS5 comes out, everyone who has been waiting for all the content and updates to finish will be able to jump in without worrying about the game being “finished” or not. Plus again, if there are performance boosts, this is a game that could really benefit.

Kingdom Hearts III

ps4 to ps5 kh 3 2

You’ve probably already played the heck out of Kingdom Hearts III since it’s relatively new (you know a few of us have), but we all know that new “Final Mix” DLC is on the way. If all the planned updates are out by the time the PS5 is, that would be a perfect time to go for that perfect run, and maybe even chase the Platinum.

Monster Hunter: World

ps4 to ps5 monster hunter world

First of all, there’s an expansion to this bad boy coming out towards the end of 2019. That will probably drop before the PS5 comes out, but possibly not that much earlier. That would be a great excuse to jump back in, and perhaps there will be even more new content.

Skyrim: Special Edition

ps4 to ps5 skyrim

You could probably knock this one off the list if backwards compatibility on PS5 is just a straight translation of the PS4 experience. But if it runs more closely to the PC version on PS5, that would definitely be worth the trouble. You’re probably planning to start a new Skyrim run anyway. (Editor’s Note: And Skyrim is available on every other platform under the sun anyway. Why not the PS5 too?)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

ps4 to ps5 sekiro

First of all, Sekiro is a game people are still actively digging through and mastering. It’s inevitable that folks will be dropping their Sekiro discs into their new PS5s by nature of timing. But also, you can’t deny that the PC version has technical advantages over the console versions now, and this could help close that gap.

Devil May Cry 5

ps4 to ps5 dmc 5

Capcom’s latest modern classic runs just fine on even the standard PS4 and as of now there haven’t been further content announcements. However, Devil May Cry 5 is one of the best games of this year, and is tailor-made for further high score/ranking runs. The Bloody Palace extends the game’s shelf life alone, and if the PS5 has more effective sharing structure available that could make combo video production even more accessible.

The Witcher III

ps4 to ps5 witcher

CD Projekt RED is getting ready to drop a brand new, way too enormous to ever finish in a reasonable timeframe game on us with Cyberpunk 2077. Maybe it’ll come out before the PS5, maybe it won’t. (CD Projekt Red insists it’s a current-gen release.) Regardless, there’s a whole other massive, open-world RPG you can sink your teeth into if you haven’t already called The Witcher III. And if you’ve already devoured it, perhaps this backwards compatibility feature will be a good excuse to revisit it, and see if there’s anything you missed.

With stuff like this, we’re just having a bit of fun in-between official releases of information. We can’t say for sure what backwards compatibility on PS5 actually looks like; all we know is that it’s happening. With that said, what do you guys want to try first? Is there a PS4 game with frame rate issues you’d love to see get that extra boost, or is there just a favorite game you want a good reason to start up again? Let us know!