Respawn Currently ‘Pushing Out’ All Titanfall Plans to Focus on Apex Legneds

While Apex Legends has been a hit (to put things mildly) for Respawn Entertainment and EA, its success may have come at a slight cost. Apex Legends Executive Producer Drew McCoy recently put out a blog post giving fans an update on what the future of Apex Legends looks like. One of the more notable tidbits was that, in order to focus on fine-tuning Apex Legends, Respawn is “pushing out” plans for future Titanfall games. Unfortunately, this appears to dash the hopes of those hoping the success of Apex Legends would rejuvenate the greater Titanfall franchise, at least temporarily.

This statement seemingly contradicts previous comments made earlier in the year from Vince Zameplla himself that “more Titanfall” was coming later in 2019. However, it’s very possible that plans for a new Titanfall experience may have shifted in the wake of this success. Back in 2018, EA had said that Respawn had multiple games coming out in 2019 (which is true), though obviously it’s unknown how plans have changed, if at all.

In addition, Respawn confirmed we’d see more of the second season of Apex Legends during the E3-adjacent EA Play. While we don’t have a release window yet, it does seem to indicate an early Summer launch. Details are scarce, but Respawn promises the season will introduce a new legend and “more meaningful” battle pass, as well as an updated map.

Despite seemingly pulling focus away from Titanfall, the blog post maintains that the Apex Legends team isn’t going to be shifted around to other projects. Of course, Respawn is releasing the highly-anticipated Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order later in the year, the first single-player Star Wars game under the EA deal.

While the future of Titanfall remains up in the air, it does fall in-line with Respanwn’s stance on updates for Apex Legends. The team is focusing on more less frequent, more significant seasonal updates. This is mainly to prioritize the well-being of the staff, though it likely has an impact on the studio’s overall output. We may see a new Titanfall game after the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but we’ll have to wait and see.

[Source: EA]