Respawn Will Release More Than One Game Before 2019 Ends

It looks like we’ll be seeing multiple projects from Respawn Entertainment in the coming months. In some prepared remarks, EA CEO Andrew Wilson gave his opening statement by mention games the publisher had in the pipeline. Part of that lineup includes “games from Respawn that are slated to launch by next holiday season.” These specific games weren’t disclosed, but it’s certainly an intriguing bit of information.

Before you write this off as a simple bit of slip-up, the use of “games” was evidently intentional. EA COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed as much in a statement to investors:

You heard Andrew use a plural when he said ‘games from Respawn.’ Just consider that a little Easter egg left in the earnings call for you. We’ll announce more when we get there but we’ve clearly got a lot of things working with all of our studios and you should assume that there will be some things that we haven’t announced that come out later in the year when we go to give guidance for next year.

As of right now, Respawn only has one game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, confirmed. The game, set between Star Wars episodes III and IV, was announced at E3 2018. The other game is unknown.

While there were somewhat disappointing sales numbers for Titalfall 2, could Titanfall 3 be on the way? Back in 2017, Respawn didn’t outright confirm any plans, but the company did say it was “focused on the long-term future of Titanfall.” Jorgensen stated we’d see more information “as we get into the fourth quarter timeframe.”

What do you want to see from Respawn? Do you want more Titanfall or a new IP? Let us know!

[Source: EA via DualShcokers]