Earn Loot in Borderlands 3 Before It Releases With an All New Twitch Extension

2K Games and Gearbox Software are partnering up with Twitch to bring people an official Borderlands 3 Twitch extension. The service will bring an unprecedented way to connect with Borderlands 3 livestreamers. However, it will also give players the chance to earn exclusive in-game loot, even before the game releases! The service goes live on May 1, 2019, the same day as the Borderland 3 gameplay reveal.

Known as the “Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Extension,” it will allow players to interact with various Borderlands 3 streamers by allowing them to get a firsthand look at how they’re playing. They can see the streamers’ backpacks, loadouts, and even skill trees. It’ll offer a brand-new way for fans to experience Borderlands 3, as it allows them to play just like their favorite streamers do.

There are more ways to connect with fellow Borderlands 3 players, however. Special loot chests can be found in-game, and these chests can trigger special events, known as “Rare Chest Events,” when opened by a streamer. While the items they’d get their hands on could be anything, one player will get the chance to receive one of the items in the chest. They’ll get the item by receiving an exclusive SHiFT code. While the item will be identical to that found within the chest, it will be scaled to the player’s current in-game level. By tuning in to Borderlands 3 gameplay streams, players can already begin to create their arsenal, well ahead of its launch in September.

Following years of speculation and rumors, Borderlands 3 was finally revealed earlier in the year. While it features many of the familiar elements that Borderlands fans can recognize, it also introduces some new mechanics. Among them are the changes to co-op, a Borderlands staple. It evens out the distribution of loot between players, though players can also revert to the original style of loot distribution. It also replaces the slag element with a new type of radioactive energy, though we don’t know quite yet how it operates in-game.

Borderlands 3 will release on September 19, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Gert Lush Gaming]