The PlayStation 4 Is Getting EA Access This July

EA and Sony have announced that EA Access, the subscription service that gives you access to a number of titles in the EA library, will finally be coming to the PlayStation 4. The service will make its PS4 debut in July 2019, though a clear release date is currently unknown.

For those unaware, EA Access provides players the opportunity to play a number of EA-published titles for an unlimited time. It also gives ten-hour early access to upcoming EA releases. The most recent example is Anthem, which had early access on every platform except the PS4. Save for very few exceptions, titles on EA Access won’t be removed from the service, meaning you won’t have to worry about a personal favorite being pulled. Titles like Battlefield 1Mirror’s Edge, and Dragon Age Inquisition are all part of the service.

Outside of that, subscribers can also get 10% of all DLC and expansions for games on the service. Titles can be accessed for $4.99 a month or $29.99 for the whole year. It looks like subscriptions won’t carry across platforms, so you’ll have to pay separately for both platforms, if you so chose.

This move comes almost five years after the initial release of EA Access. At the time, the service was exclusive to the Xbox One. A similar service, EA Origin Access, is available on PC, as well. When the service was announced, Sony revealed EA approached the company to put the service on its platform, but was turned down. At the time, Sony said the service wouldn’t provide “value” to the PS4 user base. It seems its stance has changed in the years since. However, chatter on the service making the move to the PS4 intensified earlier in the year.

This marks the latest major policy shift from Sony. From allowing PSN ID changes to enabling cross-play on a select number of titles, the past year has seen Sony loosen its stance on a number of issues.

With its plethora of titles and continually expanding library, we think EA Access does, in fact, offer a great value for PlayStation 4 owners. And with backwards compatibility confirmed for the PlayStation 5, the value for the service will grow even more. Will you be checking this service out? Let us know!