Even More Hints Point to a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Reveal

At this point, no one is being slick about the next Call of Duty game. While Activision and Infinity Ward have yet to officially comment on what the next Call of Duty title will be, more and more hints have been dropped regarding the title, which is strongly believed to be Modern Warfare 4. Now, none of this should be taken as official confirmation, but things are definitely gearing up for a reveal soon.

Things started out innocently enough. Robert Bowling, who’s known for his work on the Call of Duty franchise (though he’s no longer with Activision, which must be noted), posted an image on Twitter. While it’s clearly an older picture, the curiously covered-up “3” in “MW3” caught the attention of some:

While there’s nothing to necessarily freak out over in this tweet, it was one response in particular that caught everyone’s attention. Someone wanted to inquire about the Photoshop job, Bowling had a curious response:

That’s far from the only cryptic tweet Bowling has posted recently, however. He tweeted two cryptic posts relating to previous Modern Warfare games, with one tweet showcasing the death of fan-favorite Ghost. One of the tweets includes the date October 8, 2019, which some are speculating could be the release date for the next Call of DutyCall of Duty games have typically released in November of any given year, but 2018’s Black Ops 4 bucked that trend with an early October launch. Could the same happen for the 2019 entry?

It’s far from the only Modern Warfare tease Bowling has made, either. It should be stressed again, however, that Bowling left Infinity Ward in 2012, and there’s no indication that he has any ties to this project. However, it is entirely likely that he would still have connections there. It could also simply be him wishing for Modern Warfare 4. However, there have been strong hints at Modern Warfare 4 releasing in 2019. It all started with a video supposedly showing footballer players playing the currently-unannounced game.

We still don’t know what the next Call of Duty game will be, but we’re bound to get a reveal soon. It will be the focus of a panel at E3 2019, all but confirming we’ll know what it is by then. Are you hoping for Modern Warfare 4? Let us know!