Watch the PlayStation State of Play Live Stream Right Here at 3 PM PST/6 PM EST

Sony’s holding its second ever PlayStation State of Play live stream today, and they’ve managed to temper expectations a little bit following some fan disappointment from the inaugural episode. As for what to expect? There will be an extended look at the MediEvil remake, a whole new game announcement, and a third-party game resurfacing. Other than that we might get a couple of other announcements, but Sony made sure to clarify that this episode would only be about 10 minutes long. Don’t expect this to be some massive replacement for Sony’s E3 press conference that it isn’t having this year. It’s just meant to give a quick update on a few games.

Oh, and Sony set expectations by saying that it wouldn’t feature any next-gen console news, so don’t think we’ll be hearing about the PlayStation 5 in this brief broadcast.

You can watch the PlayStation State of Play broadcast below.

We were fairly impressed with the first State of Play and its myriad announcements. We were particularly happy with the content shown (as we held reserved expectations about the show), but criticized the lack of a face and voice. It lacked personality and was formulaic just revealing things beat after beat. With this one only being 10 minutes long, the general format of the show probably hasn’t changed too much, but an extended look at MediEvil could prove that wrong. Don’t expect quite as many announcements as last time, but what is shown here should provide an exciting shot in the arm for anyone looking forward to PS4 games this year.

What are you hoping to see on today’s State of Play broadcast? If it’s already happened, what did you think of the show? Did Sony setting out lowered expectations help to make what was shown a little bit more exciting? Let us know in the comments below.