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Sales for the Borderlands Franchise Surpassed 43 Million Units

It is clear Borderlands has been a breadwinner for publisher Take Two Interactive for quite some time. Now the numbers are in, proving just how much of a success the shooter series has been. According to a recent Take Two earnings call, Borderlands as a whole has exceeded 43 million units in sales. Interestingly, 20 million units of those sales are thanks to the success of 2012’s Borderlands 2.

Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad shared these details from Take Two’s earnings call on Twitter:

Unfortunately, a full breakdown of sales across the series has not been detailed. In addition, which specific games count in this 43 million figure remains somewhat nebulous. Do the number take PSVR, PlayStation Vita, and Tales from the Borderlands sales into consideration? While virtual reality and mobile releases are likely to contribute to the franchise’s success, the Tales title seems less of a possibility.

The earnings call also noted that perception of Borderlands 3 is “positive” so far. Whether or not this will change in the coming months remains to be seen. Its E3 2019  appearance could turn the tide in either direction. So could the continued controversy surrounding Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford. In the last several weeks, the Gearbox boss has been accused of not fairly compensating workers and physical assault.

Borderlands 3 will hit store shelves later this year for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on September 13th. Preorders for the game are already live, in addition to preorders for its multiple special editions.

[Source: Take Two Interactive via Daniel Ahmad on Twitter]