PS Plus Members Get a Free Dynamic Theme for their PlayStation 4s

Sony is offering a free PS4 theme to anyone with an active PS Plus membership. The dynamic theme, which celebrates the PlayStation 4 release of Figment, is a storybook-inspired background accompanied by charming music from the game. If you’re not a PS Plus member and still want to grab the theme, it can be picked up for only $2.99 in the PlayStation Store.

To redeem the download, head over to the store. The theme can be found either on the web version of the storefront or on the console store app via a quick search. After the Figment theme has finished downloading, open up your Settings menu. (Hit up on the Home Screen, then scroll over to the toolbox icon.) In Settings, select Theme Settings and choose the freshly downloaded Figment theme. From there, check out your new, free PS4 theme in action! It definitely adds a touch of hand-drawn isometric whimsy to any PlayStation 4.

Free PS4 Theme

Image Credit: RenkaWong

If you haven’t played Figment, the game is known for its musically-inspired world and children’s book art that seems almost like a mix of an I Spy book (with its use of everyday items substituting various mechanisms) and a Salvador Dalí painting. The game follows Dusty and Piper on their adventure through a beautifully peculiar imaginary world. Horrific creatures fueled by negative thoughts begin appearing, and the duo must solve puzzles and fend off the enemies to repel the nightmare that is starting to unfold.

The unique thing about Figment is that the game has musical elements inspired by a Broadway production. Pieces of the environment create music, and enemies themselves can be heard singing. Player actions will change what music an item in the world is playing and alter the overall tone of the game.

If all of this sounds like a great time to you, Figment is available to purchase starting May 14th on the PlayStation 4.