Figment’s Mind-Bending Adventures Will Come to the PlayStation 4 This May

Following a successful launch on the Nintendo Switch and PC, the musical puzzle adventure Figment is officially coming to the PlayStation 4 on May 14, 2019. The acclaimed game takes you inside of the human mind, where a surreal adventure awaits.

Players take on the role of Dusty, who is (supposed to be) the mind’s voice of courage. Unfortunately, Dusty’s mind is not what it used to be and is plagued by nightmares of all kind. However, he decides to make things right and return to what he once was. Teaming up with his friend Piper, the two will travel all throughout the human mind to get rid of these nightmares once and for all.

The game is a full-on musical, featuring musical numbers performed by the in-game enemies. Here are all the features you can find in Figment:

  • A gorgeous hand-drawn world to explore and restore
  • Fight human fears head-on, as you battle with sinister nightmares
  • Use both brawn and brain, solving puzzles and battling enemies
  • Enjoy a full score of musical performances, nightmarish and otherwise, which are defined by your exploration of the world

Figment comes from Bedtime Digital Games, an independent studio from Denmark. The studio is known for its debut release, Back to Bed, which originally released in 2014. While that title was originally designed for mobile devices, this was developed with PC and consoles in mind.

Figment will release on the PlayStation 4 on May 14, 2019. Are you looking forward to this surreal mind-bending adventure? Pop into those comments below and let us know!