Nintendo Switch Lifetime Sales Have Outsold PS4 (and Xbox One) in Japan

Obviously, this is a PlayStation site, but we would be doing you a disservice if we failed to report on the fact that the Nintendo Switch has outsold the PlayStation 4 in Japan, as of April of 2019. To be clear, this is not just for the month, but overall lifetime sales, which is what makes this story so impressive, especially when you consider the PS4’s three-ish year head start on the Nintendo Switch.

As reported by Famitsu and Nintendo Everything, the week of April 22nd marked very close lifetime sales for each system, with the Nintendo Switch sitting at 8,042,166 units and the PS4 at 8,047,754 units sold in Japan. But during the week of April 29th, the Nintendo Switch sold 83,471 more units while the PS4 only sold 30,003, bringing the Switch’s lifetime sales to 8,125,637 when compared to the PS4’s 8,077,757.

In the United States and other Western territories, the Switch still has some catching up to do, but this is still a noteworthy story. It’s also worth mentioning that the Nintendo Switch has sold around 35 million units since its release in March of 2017, while the PS4 has sold close to 95 million worldwide. In other words, the PS4 is still outselling the Nintendo Switch by almost 3-to-1 when it comes to lifetime global sales.

Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch is now closing in on Xbox One lifetime sales, which are sitting at around 40 million as of December of 2018.

Many congratulations are due to Nintendo for the continued success with their handheld console hybrid. It will be interesting to see how all consoles do when going into the next generation. Surely the PS4 will cross the 100 million units sold mark, most likely before the end of the year.

What do you make of this? Is it surprising that the Nintendo Switch is doing better than the PS4 in Japan? Why do you think that is? Let us know!

[Source: Famitsu via Nintendo Everything]