Rumored Upcoming PS4 UI Updates Could Hint at PS5 Features

We might be just around the corner from the next generation of consoles, but it’s a pretty safe bet to say that Sony will want to support the PS4 through the overlap. After all, everyone isn’t going to be a day one adopter and the company won’t want to leave recent PS4 owners in the dust. Known industry insider Tidux (on Twitter @Tidux) has posted a number of long-awaited features coming in a future PS4 firmware update, but these could be far more than just PS4 features. It’s possible that these features hint at things we’ll see on the PS5.

Tidux tweeted that the following features for the PS4 UI are “upcoming”:

  • Wishlist/Gifting for PS Store
  • Trophy progression
  • Timelog/stats for all games
  • Ability to pin games on dashboard

All of these features have been requested by PS4 players for a long time, and are things that Xbox owners have enjoyed for quite some time. We’ve even talked about how necessary a wishlist feature is right on the PS4, as well as gifting from the console. Trophy progression would allow you to see how close you are to certain trophies (ie. if you need to kill 100 enemies, it will tell you how many you’ve killed). Adding a game timelog and stats that players can see is a no-brainer after the success of Sony’s end of year stats for player, though we’ll have to see just how in-depth these stats go. And finally, pinning certain games to the front of your dashboard will allow you to get back to your most-played titles quickly, or maybe help you remember that game you need to go back and Platinum even though you’ve been putting it off.

If Sony is adding these things this late in the PS4’s life, there’s a good chance that we’ll see them all as default PS5 features at launch. Sony often seems to be one step behind in their implementation of features like these. The Trophy system followed Microsoft’s Achievements, and as mentioned above, Xbox players already have access to all of the rumored incoming features, which lends further credence to the rumor that we’ll be getting them soon.

We do already know a number of PS5 features that will be included with the next-gen console. Backwards compatibility with PS4 titles, both digital and physical, is a massive headlining feature, but super fast load times thanks to a custom SSD and a “special sauce” should help set Sony’s console apart.

What do you think of the rumored PS4 UI features? Will these all be PS5 features we see on day one? Are they long overdue for Sony’s platform? Remember that these PS4 UI updates are just rumored for the time being, and that while Tidux has a strong track record of leaks and insider info, he has been wrong before. As soon as these features go from rumored to confirmed, we’ll let you know.