PlayStation Plus Members Can Get a Free Apex Legends Cosmetic Pack

Respawn is giving certain Apex Legends players on the PlayStation 4 some exclusive cosmetic items. The “PlayStation Plus Play Pack” is, true to its name, is exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers. The pack is free for all members, so you better head over to the PlayStation Store now to get your exclusive gift.

The pack comes packed (no pun intended) with six items, two character skins, two weapon skins, and two banners. The character skins are for Lifeline and Mirage, along with two banners for those characters, as well.  Finally, skins for the Eva-8 and R-99 are both part of this pack.

You do not need PlayStation Plus to play Apex Legends. However, as many players likely subscribe to the service already, it’s nice to give those players a bonus. It’s similar to what Fortnite, which also doesn’t require PlayStation Plus, offers to subscribers of the service.

Outside of that, Apex Legends has been fairly quiet. Obviously, that’s by design, as Respawn has opted to release its updates more methodically. The developers have decided to focus on the well-being of the staff. Despite a lack of major updates following the launch of Season One, we will get our first taste of the next season soon. It has already been confirmed that we’ll learn about the second season at the EA Play event, with a launch soon to follow.

Respawn has made one big change in Apex Legends, however. The studio began to ban players who “piggy-back” in its hit battle royale game. There’s no indication if this pack will be available for a limited time, so you better get this pack while you can.

Apex Legends is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: PlayStation Store]