switch controller on ps4
Image Credit: My Mate VINCE

A New Peripheral Lets You Use Switch Pro Controllers and Joy-Cons with the PS4

A new converter from the Japanese company Columbus Circle will let you use a Switch controller on the PS4 instead of the DualShock 4. Likewise, Switch owners could use a DualShock 4 to play games on the hybrid console. The fairly small bit of hardware, called the Super Converter, will be released in Japan around mid-July 2019. The price will be a 6,480 yen, or close to around $60. It doesn’t appear that the device will come to the U.S., but it’s darn cool to check out regardless.

The Super Converter allows for a large range of controllers to be paired with either console. With the PlayStation 4, gamers can use the Switch and Wii U Pro controllers, a pair of the Switch’s Joy-Cons, the Wii U Classic controller, a Wiimote, or even a Wii Arcade Stick. On the Switch, any of the aforementioned Wii controllers and DualShock 4 can be used to play games.

switch controller on ps4The device uses the controller’s wireless signals and converts them for use with either console. For controllers that rely on a wired connection, there is a port on the front of the dongle where wires can be plugged in. The Super Converter will also allow button remapping and can be connected to a PC for various customization options and firmware updates. That way, you can tweak a Switch controllers to fit your gaming needs.

If you are looking for a solution to swap controllers between consoles right now, 8BitDo does sell a wireless adapter for anyone looking to play the Switch with the DualShock 4. If you’d like to try a Switch Pro controller or the Joy-Cons with your PlayStation 4, you can string a variety of devices together to make this work. YouTuber My Mate VINCE has put together a video showing off this process for the really dedicated hardware folks. Have fun playing Monster Hunter‘s new expansion with split Joy-Cons or Rage 2 with the Pro Controller!

[Source: Columbus Circle]