Meet Rainbow Six Siege’s New Operators: an Accomplished Undercover Agent and a Former Marine

Ubisoft has unveiled two new operators for Rainbow Six Siege, who will make their way to the game as part of the Year 4 Season 2 content.

Nøkk, an attacker, is a mysterious but accomplished undercover agent who excels in infiltrating enemy locations and gathering intel. Not much is known about her except that her enemies fear her.

“She harnesses a spirit of loyalty and leads by example to elevate the people she works with.,” wrote Ubisoft. “Unlike the general population, her fellow Operators know who she is and welcome her into the fold. The potential scandal her family might face is of little importance to them; she’s one of the best in her field, and they wouldn’t betray her even if it came to that.”

Nøkk’s gadget, the HEL, makes her almost invisible to her enemy.

Collinn “Warden” McKinley is a new defender joining Rainbow Six Siege‘s roster. With a career spanning 30 years that saw him rise through the ranks as a Marine, he is good at outsmarting his enemies and foiling their plans.

Warden’s key skills are “preparation and improvisation,” which earned him recommendations from high-ranking government officials. He’s equipped with the Glance Smart Glasses that enhance his vision and allow him to see things that the naked eye cannot see. Warden’s gadget gives him an upper hand but he’s just as competent without it.

“His tendency to follow his gut and his unshakeable confidence have proved that he is in a league of his own,” explained Ubisoft. “Now that he is part of the team, he faces a new challenge: to determine if his skillset and iron will remain unparalleled when faced with specialists of his own caliber.”

Both Nøkk and Warden will partake in Operation Phantom Sight. More details will be revealed during the Pro League Finals this weekend.

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