DayZ Finally Has a PS4 Release Date and It’s Sooner Than You Think

Bohemia Interactive’s open world survival game, DayZ, is finally releasing on the PlayStation 4 on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. Yes, that’s right. It’s releasing next week.

If you’ve followed the game even briefly, you will probably be a little surprised by this announcement. After years of providing release windows and estimated time frames, DayZ‘s release date was stealthily revealed on the PlayStation Blog with little fanfare.

Bohemia first announced DayZ, a standalone successor to ARMA 2‘s mod of the same name, in 2012 for PC. At Gamescom 2014, the game was confirmed for Sony’s console. It wasn’t until late 2018 that DayZ left early access on PC but a console version has been available on the Xbox One since last August.

In case you’ve forgotten what DayZ is all about (and you’re forgiven for it), it’s set in the fictional country of Chernarus, which was once a part of the soviet republic. In the post-soviet world, Chernarus was struck by a virus that infected majority of its population. Survivors are left fighting over resources, further pushing humanity towards ruin.

Key features are as follows:

  • Detailed, authentic backdrop of Chernarus, an open world terrain featuring 230 square kilometers of hand-crafted environment based on real life locations.
  • Real emotional experience driven by the emergent interactions of 60 players on the server, all fighting for survival by any means necessary.
  • Environmental dangers including the infected, dynamic weather, and animal predators.
  • Wide variety of complex survival mechanics – from hunting and crafting, through sophisticated injury simulation, to transferable diseases.
  • Persistent servers with complex loot economy, and the ability to build improvised bases.
  • Visceral, authentic gun play and melee combat systems.
  • Smooth and reactive character controller utilizing a detailed animation system.
  • Rewarding and authentic experience of driving vehicles for travel and material transport.

DayZ will release digitally on the PS4. A retail release hasn’t been announced.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]