Grab This Free Theme for Your PS4 to Celebrate Pride Month

Sony has just revealed a new free theme that PlayStation 4 users can download in celebration of Pride Month, which is held every June. The stylish theme is available now on the PlayStation Store and features all white versions of the Triangle, Circle, X and Square buttons, which we all know and love, on display with the colors of the rainbow trailing behind them across the screen. If you’ve been waiting for a Pride theme to personalize your PS4, wait no longer!

The new theme also has a sleek black background, making the colors pop even more. The standard blue color that is used when in the PlayStation 4’s menus has also been changed to purple with this theme. Download this free theme now to celebrate Pride Month in style.

Have a look at the new theme for yourself!

Grab This Free Pride Theme For Your PlayStation 4

Grab This Free Pride Theme For Your PlayStation 4

Sony has really been providing PlayStation 4 owners with a bevy of great free themes and goodies lately. Whether it was the highly stylized Golden Week theme from esteemed artist, Shohei Otomo, the free avatar pack and theme for Santa Monica Studio’s latest entry in the long running God of War series, or this new theme which celebrates Pride Month, there is truly no shortage of options to choose from when personalizing your PlayStation 4 system.

This isn’t the first time Sony has celebrated Pride Month with a theme. As a reminder, there was a similar one released in 2018. It was also available free for all users. That one featured a white background with rainbow accents.

Will you be picking up this new theme to celebrate Pride Month? What do you think of the new theme’s design? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: US PlayStation Store]