PlayStation Offers a Vibrant Theme for Pride Month

The rainbow has taken over the month of June and aside from tasting it thanks to Skittles, PlayStation 4 owners can give their home screens some color with a new theme courtesy of PlayStation. The theme, titled “For All The Players,” turns whatever drab color scheme you’re currently using for your PS4 into a vibrant wash of double rainbow all the way, all in celebration for Pride Month.

Pride Month has been part of American history since the 1970s, thanks to the Stonewall riots that took place in Manhattan just a year prior. The Stonewall riots (also known as the Stonewall rebellion) — a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by members of the LGBT community — were a pivotal moment for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. It’s thanks to the Stonewall riots we got the reconstructed Gay Liberation Front of the early 1907s. It’s thanks to the Stonewall riots we got the Gay Activists Alliance (and prominent newspapers like Come Out! and Gay Power, which are no longer in circulation). And it’s thanks to the Stonewall riots we are celebrating Gay Pride.

The theme, which quietly snuck its way onto the PlayStation Store, is a free download for all PS4 owners. It features a very stark white background, with a rainbow accent, transforming the home screen into what looks to be a groovy representation of 70s hippie culture. Sony says you can “give your PlayStation 4 system’s home screen a personal touch with this special theme,” but the theme is much more than just special. There’s a gamer of all walks of life, and Sony wants to celebrate all journeys.

So let’s celebrate and play in solidarity.