tales of arise announced

Tales of Arise is Official, Launches in 2020

Here it is, for real this time. Tragically close to its official reveal during Xbox’s E3 2019 briefing extravaganza, a security flaw in Bandai Namco’s website revealed its new announcements ahead of schedule. But the show must go on, and here’s the official word on the newest entry in the Tales Of series. Tales of Arise is set to release sometime in 2020 on the PS4, the Xbox One, and the PC.

As we reported before when the leak happened, the Tales of Arise story has a bit of a sci-fi bent, with the plot revolving around two different planets. These planets have a class-based relationship, with the ruling class of one planet taking ownership over the other. The two main characters are from disparate worlds, and their relationship develops based on a desire to change the future for both planets.

Bandai Namco opted to partner with Microsoft to reveal Tales of Arise during the big E3 briefing, showing the first official trailer. You can check it out below:

As you can see from the trailer, Tales of Arise looks like a departure from what fans have been used to with the series for a while. The art style is a little sharper, the action-based gameplay seems to happen with a little more focus on the player character, and the visuals in general are very much a product of Unreal Engine 4. Many of these changes could be due to a recent shift in leadership with the Tales Of brand, and in a press release Bandai Namco’s Stephen Akana addressed just that.

The Tales Of series is a foundational series within Bandai Namco Entertainment and Tales of Arise marks an exciting new beginning for the franchise with Yusuke Tomizawa taking the helm in leading the Tales Of development team. Tales Of games have always delivered wondrous worlds for players to explore, dynamic characters for players to meet, and challenging battles for players to fight. Tales of Arise promises to take these tenants to new heights and we look forward to players enjoying this new adventure.

Stay tuned to PlayStation Lifestyle for more information on Tales of Arise as 2020 approaches.