Cyberpunk 2077 Will Include Multiple Endings

It might not come as a surprise, but Cyberpunk 2077 will include multiple endings. This comes by way of an interview conducted by YouTuber YongYea with CD Projekt RED Quest Director Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz at E3 2019. When you consider the number of choices this game will offer, it would be shocking if it didn’t have multiple endings.

When it comes to player-choice in Cyberpunk 2077, we got to see some of it in action during our E3 2019 behind-closed-doors preview demo. In it, we saw some instances of dialogue options that impacted the story right away. For example, there was a section that required the protagonist, V, to hook himself up to a computer to be monitored by a gang member in exchange for help finding an important character. You can choose not to agree to be monitored, at the expense of having to find the person in question on your own.

It’s also said that you can go through the entire game without killing anyone, which just goes to show how important players’ choices will be. It’s unclear how the multiple endings in the game will work and how many branching paths there will be. But, if the short 50-minute demo was any indication, the possibilities are near endless in terms of branching paths.

Seeing as how Cyberpunk 2077 will likely be a lengthy RPG, you might not be so keen to play through the game multiple times to experience the various endings, which might come as a challenge from a developer point of view. When looking at shorter narrative adventures, replaying the story to experience all of the outcomes isn’t much of a chore. But with Cyberpunk, there may need to be a creative design decision in place to allow for players to easily experience all of what the game’s narrative has to offer.

Since Cyberpunk 2077 finally has a release date of April 16, 2020, we’ll likely hear way more about it in the coming weeks and months.

[Source: YouTube via Screen Rant]

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