PS5 is Rumored to Be More Powerful Than Project Scarlett, According to One Game Informer Editor

As we gear up for the next generation of video game consoles, discussion about each systems’ specs has started, as well. According to the executive editor of Game Informer, Andrew Reiner, the next generation PlayStation is rumored to be more powerful than the next generation Xbox, codenamed Project Scarlett. Below, you can see a series of tweets from the editor, who says he’s heard rumblings from developers about the supposed specs of each system.

Seeing as how Reiner is a respected journalist, it stands to reason that he has connections in the industry, particularly on the developer side. Obviously, developers have started working on games for next generation systems, and rumors say that Sony revealed specs early to get ahead of leaks as dev kits go out, so if anyone would know about specs, it’s them. There are also some tweets from Reiner alluding to more known information, but he isn’t saying much to avoid leaking too much before it’s ready to be revealed, or inciting a console war.

Despite the way console manufacturers have been playing nicer with one another on issues like cross-play and cross-save, fans still get quite heated when picking a “side.” It’s understandable that Reiner would want to avoid any sort of negative response from the community.

One Twitter user noted that these specs are in reference to dev kits, which has sparked a bit of a debate on what kind of hardware the developers currently have. Either way, you’d think the developers would have to at least know what kind of specs will be in the final product since they need to make sure their games are optimized to the best of their ability.

This is, of course, just a rumor and until we get official confirmation on specs from both Sony and Microsoft, we can’t make any definitive statements about each system. But it is worth noting that a reputable journalist in the industry has heard rumors about the alleged power of the next generation of systems.

Which system do you think will be the bigger powerhouse next gen?

[Source: Twitter via ResetEra]