Overwatch’s June 2019 Update Will Add a Much-Demanded Feature

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new video detailing some of the things players will have to look forward to with Overwatch‘s June 2019 update. For starters, it will bring a Replay feature into the game, which will allow players to watch the last 10 matches they have played. Now, all we need is a release date for this content drop.

Blizzard will change Overwatch‘s Assault mode too. The team will take a minute off of the time that is granted to players once they capture point A, meaning rounds in Assault should be sped up and you won’t need to defend point B as long as you may have before. It will be joined by a competitive Deathmatch season, bug fixes, and balance changes.

Overwatch has also received a new event called “Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge,” which will allow players to unlock various rewards. This will include a new Epic skin for Baptiste, which can be earned by winning nine matches (in the mode of your choosing). The new event will be live until July 1, 2019, so get out there and get that new skin!

Check out the video going over all of the new features coming to Overwatch this month!

Recently Blizzard released a short story for one of Overwatch‘s characters, Baptiste. It’s a canon tale and available to read for free. It’s just text-based, so don’t expect anything wild when it comes to visuals.

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[Source: Youtube Via: Blizzard Entertainment]