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Celebrating a Series: The Order: 1886 Needs a Sequel

The Order: 1886 was a tragedy. The game had everything it should have had to succeed. Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus’ Ready at Dawn and God of War’s Santa Monica Studios came together for a launch window PlayStation 4 game. It created a world that would have been perfect for a whole series of games. But, sadly, it ended up feeling more like a repetitive tech demo with wasted potential.

But, what if it could be the start of something better? Ru Weerasuriya, the founder of Ready at Dawn, said it wasn’t supposed to be a one-off game. It was supposed to lead to sequels. So, what if it gets a sequel? What if this world gets to live on? What should happen next? What should a The Order: 1887 look like?

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The Order: 1886 Sequel Should Put Its Story First

One thing most people tended to enjoy about The Order: 1886 was its cinematic experience and world. So, the second game should go ahead and focus on that. Play it up. Add to the already existing lore and give the characters more development in a 20-30 hour game, instead of one that doesn’t even last 10 hours.

Think about it. The Order: 1886 took Arthurian mythology and played with that, as all of the members of the Knights of the Round Table are the members of The Order. They were founded in the Middle Ages and were the real “knights” of lore, dealing with Half-Breeds inhabiting the world. Our characters were the most recent incarnations of major members. For example, Grayson, one of our main protagonists, is the current Sir Galahad.

It has steampunk elements, which is super cool. The Order was always failing against these “dangerous” half-beasts, until railguns, zeppelins, and different technologies were created. There’s all this mystique there and a look at a different version of 1886 London.

But, it’s also supernatural. The half-beasts are werewolf like people who are half human, half animal. These Lycans have been assaulting humans. They may even have infiltrated supposedly secure areas. But, there are also vampires! You’re dealing with all sorts of race wars with some of the most popular “monsters” in media. It should have been a huge success.

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What About a The Order: 1886 Visual Novel?

The story and world are the best parts of The Order: 1886. Know what other games emphasize that? Visual novels. This would especially fit, given what we know about what happened with the game at the end.

Think about it. There are multiple factions in The Order: 1886. We learn from a notable Lycan that all he was trying to do was keep his kind from being completely exterminated. It makes us wonder if we’re only seeing the worst about them. The Order is also against the Rebellion. But, after meeting with that leader in the game, you find they aren’t the villains they seem to be. What about those vampires I talked about?

At the end of The Order: 1886, London is in chaos. Martial law is taking over. Grayson appears to be aligned with a new group. What if we saw Sony make an Until Dawn-style visual novel and adventure game out of this? Quick time events, one of the things the original The Order: 1886 was criticized for, aren’t looked down upon as much in those sorts of games. We could have a chance to learn more about the world by deciding who we side with. There would be a lot more freedom.

Basically, a The Order: 1886 sequel should exist. We need to head back to that world. So, let’s explore what made it great. Let’s focus on its story. Forget about the shooter elements that played like everything else. Avoid trying to shoehorn in multiplayer. Embrace a world where we could help decide what happens with Grayson and influence the story. Maybe toss Troy Baker in there too.